Our Services

Accurate’s unparalleled service sets us apart. While other election companies will simply print and count your ballots, Accurate coordinates every aspect of your election, and we offer continuous customer care from start to finish. Here are just a few of the features that make Accurate California’s preferred election-management choice:

Ballot Design, Printing, and Postage

  • User-friendly voting materials increase participation
  • Professional, optimized, color-coded ballot packages reduce costs and confusion
  • 100% in-house processing means greater flexibility and fewer delays
  • Our own postage permit provides cost-efficient and on-time mailings

Election Integrity and Security

  • Transparent, Audited, Accurate
  • Fully secure facilities
  • Votes counted personally by certified Inspectors of Elections, not by error-prone machines
  • Secure document storage for mandated post-election “challenge period”


  • No inflexible “packages”
  • One simple, comprehensive charge includes all election services, logistics and problem solving
  • No extra charge for including multiple measures on the ballot

Customer Service

  • More than just a “print-and-count” outfit, we offer attentive 24-hour customer service with a personal touch
  • Our staff is always available to assist in your election needs

Additional Features

  • Specialized “inspectors of election” insurance keeps clients free from liability
  • Certified to conduct special elections for a wide variety of groups: corporations, clubs, non-profits, etc.

Full-Service, In-House Support

Because Accurate does everything in-house, you’ll avoid the hassle and delay of third-party vendors. Instead of making you deal with the Post Office or print shop, our team will be dedicated to just one thing: running a flawless election.

Hand Delivery Receipts

Although most of our clients opt to submit their ballots by mail, those who would prefer can also arrange to deliver them in person. If you prefer this option, Accurate provides a physical address, a secure, 24-hour ballot-drop location, and hand delivery receipts, as required by law.

Daily Results Tracking

Accurate is committed to keeping you informed. That’s why we provide a quorum requirement, ballot count, and secure results tracking updated daily.

Rapid Response

Because we do all of our work in-house, your election will never be held up because of a problem with the printer or the counting machine. Thanks to our years of experience and our careful oversight of the election process, we provide election results immediately upon completion of ballot tabulation.

Certified Results

Once we’ve received all of the voted ballots, Accurate’s experienced staff will tabulate them. We hand count not because we don’t like technology; in fact, our office features some of the most advanced envelope-processing equipment in the business. We count by hand because it’s more accurate. Many of our competitors boast of their high-tech vote-counting machines, but what they won’t tell you is that these machines have a high margin of error – something that you simply can’t afford when the outcome of your election can be decided by just one vote.
At Accurate, all votes are counted by our licensed and insured Inspectors of Elections. After confirming vote totals, our inspectors will officially certify your election, as required by California state law.

Archive and Storage

Even after your election draws to a close, Accurate keeps working for you. We’ll archive and store your completed election materials throughout California’s mandated election challenge period.

Special Events

Accurate’s thoughtful and experienced staff is prepared to coordinate a wide range of special events, including credit union elections, shareholders’ meetings, awards, golf club elections, and non-profit organization events, among many others. We even carry specialized insurance to cover these sorts of special events.
Contact us today to receive a quote for your special event.   949-588-8500